Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

A Gartner survey found that marketing budgets shrank 6% YOY through 2018. Stakeholders have responded by putting a freeze on new hires, which has created a big problem: how can companies churn out a steady stream of email campaigns, sponsored social media content, blog posts, and more, when there isn’t money for anyone to write it?

Check out 3 reasons that hiring a freelance copywriter leads to stronger content while also helping managers protect the bottom line:

  1. Contract workers provide flexibility

    Companies see their content production needs ebb and flow throughout the year. Freelance copywriters can be hired as-needed and for a predetermined time. Having a content writer can be beneficial, but during slower times, companies don’t get the full ROI from their investment in a salaried employee.

  2. Projects are always finished on time

    Full-time copywriters may work on multiple accounts, handle different verticals, and work with multiple external teams to finalize messaging. Because of this, missed deadlines are an everyday reality. Freelance writers can quickly be engaged quickly to help free up bandwidth and provide a quick turnaround.

  3. Recruiting a full-time worker is expensive and risky

    Small companies can spend up to $16,000 per year on recruiting; if that hire doesn’t work out, it may drain an additional $40,000 from the bottom line. Freelance copywriters often have portfolio sites, which enables companies to circumvent traditional recruiting strategies. Further, freelancers often work remotely, which means they’ll have little employee contact.

Companies should look to save their bottom line by hiring a freelance content writer. Marketing managers can save money by hiring one as-needed. Also, freelancers don’t get paid if they miss a deadline, and they don’t come with the financial and morale risks of full-time workers.

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